Andy Roberts 1963 – 2016

Dr.-Andy-RobertsOn Saturday, June 11, 2016 I lost my very best friend in the whole world as Dr. Andy Roberts passed away after he suffered from cardiac arrest the Friday before. Today we will remember him at a memorial service, followed by his burial.

This week has been incredibly difficult, yet at the same time has revealed just how much impact Andy has had on the world.

I want to thank everyone who showed up in the hospital to be with him and comfort the family. Some of you flew from across the country, and others drove upwards of eight hours, just to spend a few moments by his side.

Andy loved the fraternity, Delta Sigma Chi, and they stepped up with countless acts of support. I cannot think of even one hour that passed when there was not someone from the fraternity by his side at the hospital. Andy was scheduled to kick off the upcoming Delta Sigma Chi Lyceum in August. He will now be honored at the event, with proceeds going directly to the family. Please consider registering.

His core group of friends also stepped up behind the scenes. Jack Bourla, Scott Garber, Liam Schubel, Sean Carey and Bill Moss handled coordinating and paying for meals and hotel rooms for his family, as well as the entire reception that will follow today’s service. They did this all, not because of ego or logo, but because it was the right thing to do.

Dr. Garber also set up a GoFundMe so that we could help support the family financially. To date, over $81,000 has been raised. This money will go directly to Andy’s wife, Gina, and will help the family with costs associated with this entire event as well as help them get back on their feet and put their lives back together. If you are reading this and have yet to do so, I want to encourage you to donate today.

In an effort to get us to our goal of $100,000 for the family, Dr. Garber has also offered to give ALL PROCEEDS (In other words, your ENTIRE REGISTRATION) from ticket sales to his world-famous Berkshire Philosophy Event for the next two weeks. Andy was scheduled to speak at this event in 2017, and if I know Scott, this next event will honor him in a special way. If you support chiropractic and Andy, then you should start making plans to be there. If you would like more information about the event or to register, please CLICK HERE.

I would also like to recognize a few other groups who rallied their troops and supported this process with no ulterior motives.

  • The entire Dynamic Essentials family was extremely supportive. Andy became a chiropractor because he ended up at a DE meeting while pursuing a career in sales. Andy and I both sat in many a DE meeting during the 1990’s while we were in chiropractic college. Today’s DE leadership demonstrated support by sending me texts and messages with their condolences, as well as rallying their community to support financially. Many thanks to them for showing their hearts of service in a time of need.
  • I would also like to acknowledge The Upper Cervical Revolution and their leadership for reaching out and offering their support. While many in the field may perceive differences or tensions, it was clear that their leadership respected Andy’s contributions to the work we all do, and that minor differences of opinion matter not when it comes to recognizing the importance of the life of a fellow upper cervical chiropractor and the pain that accompanies the loss of the individual. Thank you to The Revolution for their support.

Now we must move ahead.

On Friday, Dr. Lacey Book and I will be headed to Mexico to teach The Art of the Specific to nearly 100 students who are hungry to learn. This will be followed on Sunday with the beginning of our semi-annual service trip to El Salvador, where we will deliver upper cervical chiropractic care to the people of that country.

When we get back, we will continue to put together our offerings for the rest of the year. We will be honoring Andy as we bring The Art of the Specific to San Francisco, Barcelona, Dallas, Melbourne and Boston.

Many of you had promised Andy that you would begin your journey towards mastery by taking The Art of the Specific. I want to encourage you to consider registering for an upcoming event, and committing to being the best chiropractor you can be!

Finally, I am sure that I missed some people that I should be mentioning. I cannot possibly mention them all. Sherman College’s President, Dr. Edwin Cordero, sent me an email this morning with some recorded talks of Andy’s that I will share later. NY Times Bestselling Author, Michael Port, has been in constant communication with his words of support. My Operations Director, Jaimie Van Sickle, and Whitney Bolen have held down the fort, and are coming out for the services. The doctors at The Specific Chiropractic Center have provided incredible support, and have allowed me the space to deal with all of the things that come with a tragedy such as this.

And, most importantly, I need to recognize Andy’s TATS Family. I cannot even begin to list the ways that you guys have been there. It really is incredible. Andy would always speak of his TATS Family. Even to me, he would say, “My TATS Family.” I always wondered why it wasn’t OUR TATS Family, but it strangely never bothered me. I realized this weekend that it is not that the TATS Family was HIS, but that he realized that you really were there FOR him. He would not have been Andy without his TATS Family. He literally spoke to them every single day. I was touched to see your outpouring of love and support, and am hopeful that we will continue to grow his TATS Family through the rest of this year.

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