Marketing to the 90

The very system I developed and implemented in
The Specific Chiropractic Centers…

Build A Marketing System That Will Allow You To Move Your Target Market Ethically Into Your Practice Along With A Supporting Sales System To Ultimately Increase Your Patient Volume, Income, PVA and Confidence!

Beginning on Monday, May 1st, I will bring you under my wing and teach you how to use the very system that I developed and continue to utilize with my VIP Coaching Clients and at The Specific Chiropractic Centers!

Have you ever found yourself wandering from one marketing seminar to the next, looking for that magic bullet that will transform your practice?

Have you spent more money than you would like to count on books, coaching, manuals and webinars?

Listen to me. My name is Dr. Shawn Dill and I have helped hundreds of chiropractors launch their practices and build their business and marketing systems so that they can do business in a way that preserves their most valuable asset… their INTEGRITY.

Over the years I have had the chance to work with some amazing mentors as well as some inspiring clients who have allowed me to develop a system that will attract in your ideal patients and allow you to serve them from a place of integrity that will foster strong relationships and referrals for the life of your business.

During this time I have learned that there are two keys to getting your practice to where you want it to be…

  • Defining and intimately understanding your Target Market
  • Having a plan and accountability in charting your course
    and working diligently to get there

You see, I have learned that often times the shortest distance between two points is NOT a straight line! This is because we have to take into account so many variables such as trends, technology and target market! There is a time to sow and a time to harvest. We cannot live in an eternal state of harvest! And yet, some of you seem to be stuck in an eternal state of sowing!

After much prodding by my coaches I have decided to answer the call and create something more than just a bunch of videos or one-day workshop…

Here’s a Small Sample of What You Will Get

  • 10 – Book Yourself Solid / Marketing to the 90 Instructional Video Workshops
  • My exclusive one-year marketing strategy spreadsheet
  • WEEKLY LIVE Teleconferences with superstar chiropractor, Dr. Bill Moss, who has personally taken the “Marketing to the 90” strategies and applied them in his own practice to make over $300,000 in his first full year of implementation.

Sign up TODAY and receive these Fast Action BONUSES!

  • ONLINE ACCESS – Have access to all of your workshops, webinars, podcasts and teleconferences all in one place in our online library!
  • Accountability Stat Sheet – Keep track of your financial and marketing progress with my 2016 Stat Sheet used by every one of my VIP Clients and every one of the doctors at The Specific Chiropractic Centers!

Not only that! You will also receive a THREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP (A $150 VALUE)  to my newly formed EXCLUSIVE “Black Diamond Club” which will give you access to my weekly podcasts and deliver to your mailbox my “Carbonado Marketing Sheet” every month with tips and analysis on what is working to drive your ideal clients into your practice!

While my coaches have urged me to price this EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM upwards of $5,000 to $10,000, I have done it again… I have gone against the grain and I want to make this program accessible to every chiropractor who has a heart for service and who desires to reach the 90% of their community who do not know how chiropractic can impact their lives. Not only that… I want to make this program accessible for those chiropractors who are just starting out. This program is for anyone who resonates with my message!

The program starts on Monday, May 30th…

If you are ready to jump off the treadmill of fads, gimmicks and magic bullets and want to roll up your sleeves and work with me for the next year in building the practice of your dreams, simply choose the payment plan that works for you and let’s get started!

One-Time Payment
of Only $2495
       6 Simple Payments
of $449

30-Day-GuaranteeTHERE IS NO RISK TO YOU!

If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with the value you receive on your investment, simply let us know within the first 30 days of being in the program. We will refund every cent of your investment and we will part as friends. Again, there is no risk to you whatsoever and there is no logical or intelligent rationale to not take advantage of this amazing program and begin to market your practice from a place of INTEGRITY.