Synergy Tank

Synergy – two or more things coming together to produce a result not independently obtainable.

This is the place for synergy. Through a process of reflexion, development and enlightenment I have come to an understanding that if we are going to truly make a difference in the world we are going to have to work synergistically.

This is very different than unity.  We do not really need unity to succeed.  What we need is synergy.

Welcome to The Synergy Tank!

This is a place where those of us interested in building our business and serving more people come together to share ideas in the spirit of synergy.  Every two weeks we host a completely FREE one hour teleconference. Synergy is FREE.  No sales, no closing.  Just synergy!

Join us on the next edition of The Synergy Tank FREE Teleconference!

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 – 3:00 pm EST / 12:00 pm PST

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